Tara Lynn Studio, Natural Fiber Clothing, Wedding Gowns/Dresses and Wearable Art Tara Lynn Scheidet at Tara Lynn Studio is creating wearable art and bridal gowns, providing Natural Fiber, Eco-Friendly clothing while supporting endangered species.

Frog Coats


Crochet foliage and embroidered cattails are the playground for hand sewn stuffed frogs. These asymmetrical coats are made of hemp/wool or hemp/cotton and lined with awesome vintage prints. They are available XS – XL. Also available for custom order.

Five percent of the profits go to The National Wildlife Federations’ Frog Watch USA. They help educate the public on frog conservation. Frogs are in decline because of deforestation, parasites, deformities, trade and overpopulation. For more information visit www.frogwatch.org

You can custom order a jacket by calling Tara Lynn at (802) 745-8042 or by contacting her by email.
You can also purchase current stock at www.taralynnstudio.etsy.com.
Please understand stock is limited as Tara Lynn is busy filling custom orders. Prices range from $250 - $1000
Or visit our events page to see when Tara Lynn will be at an art show near you.

If you choose to custom order a jacket you can request different styles with specific art work for example; butterfly art work on the frog style coat or frog art work on an elephant jacket style or wild cats printed on a hooded elephant jacket style. You can request your favorite flowers, specific color ways, fabric, lining print and other creatures like hummingbirds or giraffes. You can also order jacket styles with no artwork at all at which point jackets are priced accordingly.


Hi Tara,
I bought one of your long coats with the blue frogs on it. I have been wearing it and I just love it. So does everyone who sees it.
Thank you,
Terry Thiele, NJ

If it’s not asking too much I’d like both labels somewhere on the jacket. The “earth bitch” label is just “so you”!
Cinda, VT